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Thank you so much for visiting our site and reading this update! We have been so blessed by the friends and family that the Lord has placed in our lives and we really want to keep in touch! We are hoping this will be the most convenient way for both of us! 

As you may have noticed from other parts of our website, we have officially moved to Denver, Colorado!! The last few years that we have spent in Missouri at the College of the Ozarks have been incredibly rewarding and we have seen the Lord clearly preparing our hearts for this move. While we are grateful that season, we are all the more excited about this new direction that God is leading us!

We chose to move to Denver in faith that God was leading us away from our situation at the College of the Ozarks toward the pursuit of pastoral ministry and the finishing of Grant's Master of Divinity degree at Denver Seminary. After lots of prayer, preparation and packing, we officially moved to Colorado on June 29th! 

Students and co workers came to our aid and blessed us by helping us pack up our truck!

We split the trip up since we both had to drive the whole way. Despite the sinus infections, ear infections, and bronchitis, the trip went very well and Rae was a champ!

Now that we have fully transitioned and as we get settled into our new life, we are not only excited for what lies ahead, but we continually thank the Lord for the community of people (near and far) that He has surrounded us with in this journey. We would not be where we are right now if it were not for so many individuals who have surrounded us, loved on us and spoken truth into our lives. We are incredibly grateful for each of you!

Why Denver Seminary?

Denver Seminary is a fantastic graduate-level school of the theology located just south of downtown Denver in the city of Littleton. The education at Denver Seminary is not only rigorous, but provides the necessary theological framework and spiritual formation for one (such as myself) led toward a lifetime of ministry. I will be pursuing a Master of Divinity with an emphasis in Biblical Preaching. I am very excited about the opportunity to study at Denver and trust that the Lord will use this season to deepen my relationship with Him while preparing and equiping me for full time pastoral ministry. 

The Lord’s faithfulness.

Months before this moved happened, both Grant and I prayed that the Lord would not only prepare us for the home, job and community He had in store, but we also prayed that the Lord would prepare the home, job and community that we would invest in/be part of as we transitioned to CO. The Lord is gracious! His faithfulness is unending! We arrived to Colorado with no home. Our desire was to be able to have our own space as a family, but knew the chances of renting a home would be slim because of the cost. The Lord is kind and gave us the desires of our hearts. A family that we know offered us the option to rent out their home (that they don’t currently live in) at a very affordable rate! There is plenty of space for our family to rest! We are also very excited to have enough space to invite families and friends over as well as build into the community in which God has placed us! 

As we prepared to make this move, Grant had been in the process of applying to a few student ministry positions. Although we assumed that student ministry is where we would end up, the Lord had something else in mind and one of the churches actually offered Grant the position of Community Director! Within this role, Grant will oversee all church community groups, adult ministries, and help preach occasionally. All this to say, we are so grateful for this opportunity and look forward to all that the Lord will do in the community of Stapleton Church!

Stapleton Church is located in an old historic airplane hanger!

We are enjoying family time before the craziness of school and jobs start up! Rae is growing up so fast and she brings so much joy to us. She has started to crawl and it won't be long till she is cruising around! She also gives cuddles and kisses. She has loved having her uncle Levi around (he moved to Denver a few weeks before we did) and she loves to clap her hands. She has also been able to spend some fun time with her grandparents! 

As we move forward we have a lot of adjustments! We would appreciate your prayer not only as Grant adjusts to his job and school schedule, but we are currently in the process of looking for another part time job to help pay the bills! We would greatly appreciate prayer for this process - that the Lord would lead us to the job He has for us.

We are truly blessed by each of you and look forward to staying in touch! We love you all! 

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