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Finally February

Hi everyone,

We hope this update finds you well and encouraged in the Lord! The last three months have been packed full of visitors, trips, sickness, and an opportunity that we can’t wait to share with you!

We want to thank everyone who faithfully keeps up with us and prays for us! Know that we think of each one of you often and are truly grateful for your impactful presence in our lives! Despite the fact that transition has characterized much of our lives, we feel that one of the greatest gifts to us has been the many relationships we have built. Knowing we have a community of people who are confident of the Lord’s leading in our lives is an amazing blessing to us! Thank you so much for your encouragement, support and prayer for our family.

Life in Colorado continues to be an adventure! Grant’s holiday break from seminary just ended and he began another semester. He was able to have a nice month off, which went by fast! Over the January break, we were able to take a few trips to see family. The first trip we took was to St. George, UT where we got to see Leah’s grandparents! Grant and I have always loved that area and have even felt a burden for possible future ministry there! Unfortunately, over Christmas Leah and Rae came down with a stomach bug for a few days and not long after that Grant rang in the new year with the same sickness! We are healthy now though and certainly glad it all happened over Grants school break! On our second trip, we were able to fly to Pittsburg for a few days to spend some time with Grant’s brother, wife and 3 boys. Our families are spread all over the world, so it’s always special for us to be able to spend time with them!

Love climbing around on the red rocks of Utah! Rae is a fan!

Loved getting to spend time with Jordan and Steph! Rae really does loves her crazy cousins! :)

Leah has continued to babysit for one of the families she originally started out with. The other family decided the mom was going to stay at home with their little one - which is always encouraging to see happen in these situations! The Lord has been faithful to provide what we need through the one family Leah babysits for now. Unfortunately, this job keeps Leah busy and away from home and Rae more than we would prefer, but we are thankful that the Lord is providing for us through this job!

Grant started up seminary classes on Jan. 28th. This semester he is taking Hebrew 2, The Gospels and Acts, Survey of Christian Doctrine and Mentoring Formation. He loves is professors and is excited to learn from their knowledge and experience! Grants role as the Community Director at our church is also going very well. Grant has enjoyed working on staff and has loved developing the community group ministry. Although this position is only part time, Grant works hard to connect with people and seek the Lord to build an authentic ministry.

Rae has been doing so well! She has grown so much and isn’t slowing down. She recently started walking and is so proud of herself. She “talks” all the time, has such a funny personality, and continually brings so much joy to our lives! Grant and I consistently pray that Rae will grow to love Jesus and that we will be faithful and loving parents to her in every season.

Rae loved walking through the airport and did great on the plane!

Not a fan of Santa! Maybe next year

Rae and grant playing with Christmas gifts

Though our week fills up fast with work and school, we have also been enjoying investing in and growing with the new friends the Lord has placed in our lives. We lead a community group at our home every week and those who are involved have become dear to our hearts! We also are loving getting to know new couples from the church over the occasional game night or dinner!

Our small group Christmas party!

So what are our plans? Many of you know that Grant has felt led to eventually plant a church here in the US. Because of this, we felt led toward Grant pursuing his Master of Divinity to be well trained and prepared for this endeavor. In this process, however, we have been learning the importance of both husband and wife gaining the necessary training and experience for the purpose of doing ministry together. Unfortunately, this is not what often occurs during this season of preparation. We have certainly felt this tension in our situation thus far as Grant is involved in full time school along with church ministry while I nanny to make up the rest of our monthly needs.

All this to say, we want to ask for prayer for a recent opportunity that we have been presented with that will allow us to more fully pursue ministry together. We have been offered an internship type role with a local marriage ministry called Marriage Plus International. Marriage Plus is a discipleship ministry devoted to preparing younger couples for a lifetime of ministry together. In this role that we have been offered, we would be mentored by the founders of this ministry while also having the opportunity to pour into younger couples ourselves. We are continuing to seek the Lord regarding this very exciting opportunity and we would love to share more information with you! If you are interested in hearing more, please contact us via email ( with your mailing address. We love each of you and will be in touch again soon!

Grant, Leah and Rae

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