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May (or December?)

Hi everyone! We hope this finds you encouraged in the Lord…and enjoying the beautiful spring!

Here in Colorado we are learning to expect blizzards in between pool days!

No joke! This picture was taken today!

but we are enjoying the mostly warmer weather!! So much has happened the last two months!


First, our most exciting news – as many of you know we are expecting another baby girl in September! Two days before Rae’s 2nd birthday in fact! One of our prayers at the beginning of this year was that the Lord would give us another child. While we know the Lord is the giver of these sweet gifts, our hearts rested in the possibility that Rae might be the only child God would give us. We rejoice in the gift that she is to us! But to our surprise a few months into the new year the Lord graciously gave us the desire of our hearts yet again! We feel the “weight” of this blessing and are so thankful for our growing family! We do not take it for granted! We had a few complications at the beginning and feared the worst, but we are excited to say our little girl is now growing and developing right on track and is healthy and very active! We cannot wait to meet her in September!! As many of you know another baby means transition! There are a lot of unknowns right now as far as how jobs and school and life will look when baby comes, but we know the Lord is in control and knew our exact situation when He gave us this child! We are thankful we can rest in this truth! We ask that you join us as we pray for the future changes that will take place when this sweet baby comes into the world!

We also took in a sweet “puppy” as Rae calls Him. Aden is a 7-year-old English cream retriever. Leah’s uncle and aunt needed to find a place for him to live, as their lives did not allow Aden to get the attention they wanted him to have. We gladly took him in! And Rae makes sure he gets all the attention he can handle! He is a sweet dog and is amazing with Rae. He even lets her sit on him, poke him and chase him around as she tries to pull his tail! We love him!

First year of Seminary finished!!

Grant has just finished up his first year of seminary! Wow seminary is a lot of work! We are looking forward to a little break to spend some time as a family! His original plan was to take a full load of classes in the summer, but with the baby coming in the fall we decided we needed the time and space of summer to rest and get ready for another family transition! He is looking into another part time job to work over the summer. He also will be requesting to take a lighter load (something his scholarship will allow for one semester) in the fall so he can be more available to help out with our new baby! We know this will set him back a little bit in his schooling, but we believe family comes first and we want to find the right balance of pushing through and enjoying this season! We ask that you pray for us as we discern the Lord’s leading in regard to Grant’s seminary as we continue to plan and make decisions.

Marriage Plus

As many of you know from the letter we recently sent out, we have been presented with an opportunity to intern with a ministry called Marriage Plus. We wanted to thank everyone again for the financial and prayer support (as this is a support based internship) you have offered thus far! This encourages us greatly to know people are behind us and are praying for us! Currently the founders of the ministry are on a mission trip for a few weeks. When they get back they will hold a few meetings over the summer for newly married couples. The official marriage plus course will start after these meetings. This course focuses on mentoring young couples on how to do ministry TOGETHER well. Being in church ministry for a year, we see how needed this is as often times the ministry responsibilities fall on the husband while the wife is left struggling to know what her role is. We are excited for this opportunity and are eager to learn from the Wooleys throughout these two years as we sit under their teaching! The internship starts in September! If you would like more information on how you can invest in this opportunity please feel free to email us at!

As far as our everyday lives, not much has changed. Leah is still babysitting a few days a week while Grant juggles school and his role at church. We continue to enjoy having people over for dinner as our schedule allows. A few weeks ago, we were able to have a little family reunion with Grant’s siblings. This was a special time to spend together and was the last time we got to spend with his brother and sister in law before they head overseas for a few years in the summer. We loved having all the cousin boys together – especially with Rae! She learned how to be a bit louder and crazier from them!

Cousin Love

We had a wonderful visit with Grant's Brother and his wife and boys!

Rae continues to grow and learn all sorts of new things. Most of which we have no idea how she has learned! She is always surprising us with what she understands and what she can do! She loves any Disney movie song, but her favorite is “yo melcome” from “Noma” (“Your welcome” from Moana)! She talks all the time and loves being “pidee” (pretty) by wearing hats, shoes and bows…and of course getting her nails painted! We believe she is going to be such a sweet big sister and transition well into this role!

Rae loved finding "Eggies" and putting them in her basket!

Rae Loves the water!

Thank you again for all who keep up with us! We are so thankful for the people the Lord has placed in our lives!

Love Grant, Leah, Rae, Baby #2 and Aden :)

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