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November update

Hi everyone!!

It is crazy how 4 months can fly by so fast! We wanted to send out a short update on our lives now that we have more fully transitioned into life here in Colorado! So much has happened since our last update and the Lord continues to confirm that this is where He has us right now! For those who have been praying for our family as we transition and wait on the Lord - Thank you! The Lord has been faithful to us in so many ways. He has not only provided for our daily needs but also allowed the many unknowns of this move to stretch and strengthen our trust that He is good and faithful. This is the desire of both Grant and my heart - to grow in intimacy with and the knowledge of our God within all seasons of life! 

We finally were able to take a day and visit the mountains!

As soon as we arrived in Colorado, we began looking for income. Our hearts desire was and still is for Leah to be home full time with Rae. So we started praying and looking for house cleaning and nanny jobs that would be flexible with our family and school schedule. We pursued many positions and asked the Lord to go before us and guide us to the right fit! After a few months, the Lord led us to three families that hired us. One is a very sweet, christian couple that runs a marriage ministry. We occasionally help them out with needed odd jobs and are thankful for these opportunities as well as their friendship and experience to learn from! Leah house cleans/babysits for a jewish family a few times a week. They are a very nice family that cares about us and we pray the Lord uses us to bring them to Him. Leah also watches a baby a couple times a week for another young family. This job is a blessing because Leah is able to bring Rae with her, giving Grant time to work on homework! We realize that in these jobs the Lord has provided more than just income, but also opportunities for us to build relationships and invest in these people’s lives. 

Rae loves donuts...Just like her mom!

She also loves going shopping with mom. Sitting backwards is way more fun!

Like we said, The Lord has used this season of transition to teach us more about Him!

One theme we have seen in our married years is that the Lord provides just enough for what we need for that month. This has continued to be true in this season! It’s easy to feel the pressure of saving money or trying to get ahead. While we believe this is very important, we continually come face to face with the reality that the Lord is the ultimate provider and we have witnessed this 3 different times in the last 4 months we have been here. The money we were able to save during our time in Missouri was just enough to cover the few months that we didn’t have jobs. The month we finished paying medical bills from Rae’s delivery was the same month we learned Leah needed some major dental work. Just as we set money aside for future car maintenance - guess what broke down and is in the shop right now :) We are often tempted to view these circumstances as purely negative, but by the grace of God we have been able to be thankful that the Lord has provided just enough for our needs right now! This lesson is not always comfortable, but we are thankful the Lord is allowing us to get to know Him as our Father who knows just what we need before we even ask! He has proven Himself faithful over and over and over and over and over…..and over!! We praise God for His provision in jobs for us that are flexible with our crazy schedule and that allow us to invest time as a family. Please pray for us that we would continue to be intentional in the lives of the families we work for and in our own family! It can get a little crazy working 4 part time jobs on top of Grant’s school! 

Grant's Brother, Sister-In-Law, and three boys were able to visit us this summer. We had so much fun at the pool!

Rae loves her Nanga and Tamak (Grandma and Grandpa)

The Lord has also put on our hearts to practice rest amidst all of the busyness. We find ourselves busy trying to get our To Do list done, or schedule our week the most efficient way, or come up with a more efficient strategy for the ministry positions we are in. These are all great things, but the Lord has been gently showing us that it is all too easy to forget about God while getting caught up in the busyness of life. We forget to seek Him and His desire for our week, our To Do list or His ministry at church. We forget to wait on Him and expect Him to show up and do amazing things. We know that all of our work is in vain unless He is the very center and main leader in all of it. Psalm 127:1 says "Unless the Lord builds the house, It's builders labor in vain." We want to use the resources the Lord gives us and do well in the places he has put us, but first and foremost, we want to be sensitive to His spirit and obedient to His leading in all areas of life. So we ask that you would pray for us as we intentionally make time to stop from all our doing and seek the Lord- His thoughts, His desires, His way- for our days, jobs and ministries.

Grant’s study at Denver Seminary has been great! It has been a ton of work (more than we expected), but he is learning so much and is very encouraged in his time there thus far. Grant is also enjoying his role as the Community Director at Stapleton Church. The church is growing and Grant is benefitting from some great ministry experience. We are continuing to pray that Grant is able to obtain more hours at the church so that we don’t have to be pulled so many different directions! We are grateful for the Stapleton Church community and are excited for all that God is doing in this area of Denver! 

Grant praying at Stapleton Church

Rae has had lots happen over the last 4 months as well! She turned one!! We are so thankful to be closer to family! Leah’s parents are on break and living in KS city- only 8 hours from us! Leah’s brother (Levi) lives just south of Denver. Because of this, we were able to be together and throw Rae a special 1 year birthday party. We also visited the Zoo because she loves animals! We are so thankful for the gift Rae is in our lives and the joy she brings to us and so many others! She is so close to walking and can even say a few words!  

When Rae was born, she was at high risk for a disorder called SCIDS. After several tests, it was confirmed that she did NOT have this disease (praise the Lord for the gift of health!) but some levels in her immune system were low. Because of this we have had to take precautions and continue to get her blood tested. The immunologist said it is very possible that her levels would go up to normal as she grows and her immune system builds. She recently had a test which proved her immune system is strong and functioning normally! 

Rae's one year party

She loved her birthday cupcake

Birthday trip to the zoo

Uncle Levi spoiled her with a stuffed giraffe :)

Thank you so much for your love, prayer and support. We are incredibly grateful for the many relationships (near and far) that God has blessed us with and we look forward to connecting with you again soon! 

Grant, Leah, and Rae 

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