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We Launched!

Friends and Family,

Wow, what a month or so it has been! We are excited to connect with you again on what has been a very exciting season in our lives. God has been working in amazing ways and we have some exciting news to share with you! First, we want to thank you for praying for us, encouraging us, and staying in tune with how God is leading our family – each of you mean so much to us and we thank God for your presence in our lives.

Catching Up

When we left off last time (June/July), we had begun meeting each week with our core team as we looked toward September as our official start date. A lot has happened in the weeks between, but God has brought some amazing individuals and families into this church over the past couple of months. We truly love each of these people and are so thankful they have joined us in this mission. Our church community has continued to grow, and we have been so encouraged by the life we get to share together.

Our family has been doing great as well! We are all healthy and have enjoyed being outside in the Colorado sun this summer (and the random 2 day winter storm). Our girls are growing each day and we can’t wait to celebrate their first (Eliyanah) and third (Rae) birthdays at the end of this month. They are both so sweet, so fun, and love being part of the community with mom and dad. And…thanks to some thoughtful and generous individuals in our group, we have even gotten to spend a lot more time together going on weekly dates!

Exciting News

Our most exciting news that we want to share with you is that we have officially planted One Life Community! Just a few days ago, on September 13th @ 10am, we launched One Life Community (OLC) and had our first worship celebration service. During our time together, we engaged in powerful worship and prayer, Grant preached on Psalm 46, we had one baptism and then shared a meal together to end. It truly was an amazing day! And the best part is that it is only the beginning! We are so excited for what is ahead as God continues to build One Life Community and lead us toward His desire for this church. Thank you so much for praying for and encouraging us as we journey forward.

What’s Ahead

As we look ahead, we are excited to watch God build this church and continue to expand our reach into the Reunion community. We continue to follow God’s Spirit as He leads us and build on the momentum He has created. We are also pursuing our own legal status for future purposes. Thanks to some amazing people that God connected us with, we have completed all the paperwork for this and are now praying for speedy results. Because we are brand new and continuing to build, we are also continuing to seek out new partnerships with individuals and churches. We are praying that God will provide us with a greater support base in these early days.


· Please pray for One Life Community. As we have said so many times, we are truly excited. God is moving and we are simply seeking to follow. Please pray that God would build OLC and continue to lead us in every way. Pray that we will continue to love one another and function as one before a watching world. Please pray that we will encounter more people throughout Reunion who need Jesus and loving church family. Pray that God would add to our number and allow us to be a multiplying church in this city and beyond.

· Please pray for the leadership of OLC. Pray for Grant and the two members of our advisory board – that they will lead in humility, wisdom and grace. Pray that God would protect them from attack and lead them by His Spirit.

· Pray for Partnerships. Please pray with us that God would raise up individuals and churches who will partner with One Life Community. Pray that we will form prayer and financial partnerships that will help sustain our community and move us forward in the direction God desires this church to go.

· Pray for our family. Please pray that God will continue to shape our family and lead us to intentionally pursue him. Pray that God would strengthen our marriage and teach us to love our girls well. Pray that God would provide financial support for our family and a permanent place to live by the new year.

As we close out this update, we want you to know that we are grateful. We are grateful for you and your relationship to us. You mean so much to us and we would not be where we are without your prayer, support and encouragement. Thank you and we look forward to connecting again very soon!

Grant, Leah, Rae and Eliyanah

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